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Morning all,

Apologies if this has been covered before.

Currently I always use the i3's 'ECO PRO' route to achieve best economy and as a side effect have been enjoying the scenic country routes rather than being sat on the motorway, for the sake of 10min or so. Not only that, but the GOM adjusts the range as well according to the route. This is brilliant and very clever.

My concern is that should I change from the i3 to a car that doesn't have this, (do others? Obviously those using Apply Carplay etc wouldn't have that ability) is there a route planner that can suggest the 'most economical route' at least and maybe a range adjustment though less essential?

I've looked at 'Abetterrouteplanner' but it doesn't automatically suggest the best route, you have to plot it yourself using waypoints which is guess work unless you know the roads in the area.
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