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The guy in the van was definitely driving too fast.
I'm guessing he got water in the air intake.
If the Citroën was able to do it slowly, the van should have been able to do so...

I wouldn't take any car, ICE or EV into that depth.
Even if the motor/engine doesn't get any damage, you could easily get water into the cabin from various places.

In summary: not recommended with ANY vehicle.
The guy in the Land Rover was also pushing it, but I'm guessing he knows his vehicle's limits/abilities.

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No of course not — you only have to see the state of the parcels in the back of the delivery van to see that even had the van been an EV the water was way too deep to sensibly be driving through!

But...at least an electric van almost certainly wouldn’t have ended up stranded in the middle with the driver then having to face the humiliation of being towed out.
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