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Just done some sums. We have had the Mk1 Nissan Leaf for just over 2 years now and this is my estimate of the running costs after 18,000 miles:

Electricity on trips: 0
All of our charging when away from home has been free. I estimate that to be about 4000 miles

Electricity at home: £466
We almost always charge overnight at E7 rates of 0.07p/KWh
I have assumed 25KWh for a full empty to full charge on the remaining 14,000 miles

Insurance: £450 (2 years)
I am gobsmacked at how cheap the Nissan Leaf is to insure considering its price and that it is new tech

Servicing: £320 (2 services)
This has been more than we anticipated but now I know that servicing prices vary hugely between dealers I will shop around but to be honest... there are only 3 or 4 dealers in any kind of sensible distance so choice is limited.

Road Fund: 0
Goes without saying (yet I did! DOH!)

All in all the car is costing us about 2.5p - 3p per mile.

It replaced a Toyota Yaris 1.3 which only did 50mpg and cost us about 12p per mile so the Leaf is saving us about 10p per mile. So over the 18,000 miles it has saved us about £1800 in fuel costs and that means we have not used 1634 ltrs of petrol that we would otherwise have used.

Problems: None of any real significance

Water in the doors: fixed by dealer
Water was accumulating inside the doors and ran out when the door was opened.

Ran out of battery power: once (partly deliberate)
I was on a test drive to see if I could do a trip from my home in Saltash, Cornwall to Michealwood Services on the M5 and then get home again. It was early in my ownership and on paper it should have been possible but I had not allowed for the hills. I stopped at Gordano services knowing I'd never make it and got a flatbed recovery.

I say this was partly deliberate because I was monitoring my power use all the way and knew that in all likelihood I wouldn't make it and I had the opportunity to turn around and get home unassisted. I decided to push on knowing I might need recovery. I have never done it since and to be honest, when driving an EV it is almost always possible to spot a situation when there is a risk of running out either before you set out or on route. There is really no excuse for running out of power and EV drivers hardly ever do in spite of what Top Gear and the media say :)

Loss of Battery Range: 0
As far as I can determine from everyday use the battery has the same range as when new. I know the range will slowly reduce over time but the reduction after 2 years and 18,000 miles, if it is there at all, is very small.

There is a myth amongst the general public, put about by Top Gear and other media I expect, that the batteries on an EV need replacing after 5000 miles and cost megabucks to replace. What poppycock! At this rate I can see this battery lasting the full lifetime of the car and never need replacing... and in any case, it would only ever need the dodgy cells replacing - not the whole battery so the cost would never be anything like the costs being touted around.

Conclusion after 2 years
We love the Leaf. We recently looked at upgrading our Mk1 to the new Mk2 which is better but the loss on the sale of ours makes it too expensive to do that. We will keep ours another couple of years and then see what is available.
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