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Running the cable myself

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I'm considering running the cable from the garage to my Fuse board and meter myself because the extra on quotes is quite a bit.

Can I double check that 6mm twin and earth is what is needed (17m run from inside garage, under first floor floorboards across width of house and then down under the stairs to where the meter and Fuse board is located) and e.g the Prysmian stuff from B&Q is fine and meets whatever standard required.

Also I saw in another thread a recommendation to run an Ethernet cable. It's this because some charge points need them (I'm looking at Ohme mainly which uses a sim but I think I have quite a bit of spare Ethernet somewhere).

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The cable spec required depends to a certain extent on the upstream protection and the protection offered from say nails or screw penetration. If you ever want the installation signed off, you would be advised to consult a sparky and follow his guidance with a view to getting him to complete the certification Probably best to forget the OLEV grant. Note that running cables under floorboards requires specific clauses in the Wiring Regulations to be followed. You basically have the choice of ensuring that the cable is a minimum distance below the floorboards, or is mechanically protected, or is RCD protected.
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