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Running the cable myself

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I'm considering running the cable from the garage to my Fuse board and meter myself because the extra on quotes is quite a bit.

Can I double check that 6mm twin and earth is what is needed (17m run from inside garage, under first floor floorboards across width of house and then down under the stairs to where the meter and Fuse board is located) and e.g the Prysmian stuff from B&Q is fine and meets whatever standard required.

Also I saw in another thread a recommendation to run an Ethernet cable. It's this because some charge points need them (I'm looking at Ohme mainly which uses a sim but I think I have quite a bit of spare Ethernet somewhere).

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You are fitting a complete new circuit from your consumer unit/fuse board, I am not an electrician, you can carryout the work yourself but will have to get the work signed off by a qualified electrician.
Ok, understand, my plan was to lay the cable loose but do the effort of lifting the floorboards and putting it through one awkward routing, not connect the ends or anything.

Alternatively I can run a dummy wire which should still help pull the cable through.
Only advice I'd offer is to get an electrician onside before you do anything rather than trying to find one afterwards. Some are happy enough for the customer to do a load of donkey work so long as they're consulted first.
Yep good advice, will definitely clear it with the installer first. We've agreed the route but his lack of confidence of the final step of the routing is adding to his quote. I think even if I can do the leg work of showing a dummy wire route it will cut the cost. For context my dad was an electrician and I've had my fair share of being the help pulling wires as we've rewired his house a couple of time and changing sockets etc. But I'm not going near a fuse board etc.

You will probably be OK with 6mm^2, but really you need to check what voltage is at the start of the run preferably with a significant load on the house (such as the immersion heater and electric oven on if you have them) to know what voltage drop is acceptable. Ask your Sparky what they recommend and what discount they will give you for running the cable.
Don't buy cable from B&Q - it's ridiculously expensive. Your Sparky may provide it for you at wholesale prices.
At the moment I'm taking to OLEV installer companies who I'm sure are marking up the materials anyway! But thanks for the pointer, will need the drop measured.
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