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satnav screen fault, keeps opening and closing when car is off

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Hi folks,

recently the satnav screen has a mind of its own, when car is turned on it's fine, as soon as its turned off, the screen keeps flipping, opening and closing, rang the dealer who said there will be a charge to check it, and if the warranty covers the fault it will be done foc, has anyone came across this or knows if the warranty will cover it. A quick search on google showed me one result of a similar fault and dealer wanted £1000 ! Surely this should be covered as its seems to be a glitch of some sort in the software, all started happening a few days after the car was serviced not sure what to make of it all

the car is a 24 kw leaf 2014 gen 2
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The screen on my 2011 Leaf also opens and closes randomly while I am driving and parked etc. I tried the compressed-air and sun method above. No luck. I disassembled the screen. Pull the 20A radio fuse in the box next to the battery to cut power to the Nav while you work. There are 13 Phillips screws (some very small) to make the screen come out. There are also 2 ribbon cables you need to pop. Super easy. A long thin PCB sits behind the plastic brightness and tilt/open buttons. That PCB hosts 2 contact switches (one for tilt and one for brightness) 4 LEDs to illuminate those same buttons and a few lumped components. I cleaned the mechanicals (buttons) with contact cleaner and reassembled. No luck. I disassembled again and ripped the tilt button off with a pair of pliers. I then cleaned the pads on the PCB where the dismembered button sat, so the button would no longer function AT ALL. I put the thing back together and it seems to be good to go. Of course if you want the screen to tilt/open you need to coax the screen into position with a flathead. I have never opened this thing intentionally and I don't have plans to in the future. But its pretty simple to open with a flathead if needed (it won't be). For me this stupid thing is a lot like a motor on the lid to your just box. Who uses this liability? How stupid!
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