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satnav screen fault, keeps opening and closing when car is off

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Hi folks,

recently the satnav screen has a mind of its own, when car is turned on it's fine, as soon as its turned off, the screen keeps flipping, opening and closing, rang the dealer who said there will be a charge to check it, and if the warranty covers the fault it will be done foc, has anyone came across this or knows if the warranty will cover it. A quick search on google showed me one result of a similar fault and dealer wanted £1000 ! Surely this should be covered as its seems to be a glitch of some sort in the software, all started happening a few days after the car was serviced not sure what to make of it all

the car is a 24 kw leaf 2014 gen 2
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The screen has a 3 stage angle feature, maybe it has got itself in a loop of some kind while it's trying to close flat?
The use this function you keep the Open button pressed in for ~2 seconds until the screen flips out to position 1, press again for 2 seconds for stage 2 and again for 2 seconds for stage 3, pressing again for 2 seconds returns to the flat\flush position.
This may help, give it a try.
If it's not that then I would say take it to the dealer for a warranty claim as what you have explained is not normal, they may need to flash the car with the latest firmware to possibly cure it or it could be a faulty head unit?
@username Hopefully the car is still within it's 3 year manufacturer mechanical and electrical 'normal' warranty? When was it first registered?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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