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Seats material - genuine or synthetic leather?

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Please see post in the e-Niro subforum for context:
Steering wheel / seats material - genuine or synthetic leather?

I would like to ask Soul EV drivers, especially of the newest First Edition, the same question - do you think your seats are genuine or synthetic leather?

There's no mention of a "leather trimmed steering wheel" in the Soul EV brochure, so I'm not asking about that - but please feel free to let me know about it too!
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Very hard to tell the difference, but synthetic does not breathe much (if at all), so is uncomfortable. If you want to avoid real, I suggest you avoid either.
I would happily do so - I prefer cloth seats anyway - but the current "First Edition" Soul EV only comes with

Luxury perforated black pure leather seating with grey stitching [...] plus artificial-leather-covered armrest.
and then a footnote that says

Some parts of the leather upholstery contain faux leather
Hence my confusion (see also thread linked above)
Most manufacturers note only put leather on the bits you sit on, so the seat back & sides would be faux plus door cards etc.

So basically only leather bits would be the seat facings.
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