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Original Renault Zoe 3-pin domestic socket charging cable (Granny lead cable).
Only used twice since owning it.
Immaculate condition.
In working order.

Bought from Renault official website.
RRP £514.

Genuine reason for selling due to infrequent use of the cable.

PM if interested.

Selling price: £185 including delivery charges.

Further information can be obtained from eBay.

89543776_10219766985018414_3022331545181487104_o.jpg 89499091_10219766987058465_2833891053365362688_o.jpg 89441486_10219766986418449_4291791287943692288_o.jpg 89146360_10219766985778433_4382531474323144704_o.jpg 89110302_10219766987898486_5453009694408835072_o.jpg 89656808_10219766988658505_2831004951306567680_o.jpg
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