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I have a 2017 Leaf 30 and I would like to send the destination to it from Google Map where there is an option to send it Car, Phone. I could do it in my previous 24 Leaf as Google listed it, but cannot see how to do it with my current car. Can someone help please.

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Checked the car but can't find the entry. Either it doesn't work or am looking in the wrong place
I contacted Nissan and they sent these instructions:

For the instructions on how to set up Google Send to Car please see the instructions below.

Please note that for Google Send to Car:
You need to have a Google account to use Google Send to Car
Email address in Nissan account doesn't need to be a gmail email address
Google recommends using a computer instead of a smartphone (if using the smartphone do not use the app of GoogleMaps, use the browser version)

1) Retrieve Account ID for Google Send to Car:
Note that Account ID is always case sensitive
NissanConnect EV:
Sign into NissanConnect EV mobile app
Touch three red bars on top left of the app
Touch "User"
Account ID for Google Send to Car appears under "User ID"
Account ID is case sensitive, and it must be entered in all upper cases

2) Add vehicle to Google account:
If using a mobile browser or an older web browser or operating system, this might not work
Go to Google Send to Car website for vehicle's country for UK vehicle, go to Send to Car Settings
Do not go to Send to Car Settings (meant for USA, may cause destination to fail in being downloaded)
Click "Sign in" and log into Google account
Click "Add car or GPS device"
Select car type from dropdown menu (Nissan)
Enter Account ID in “Account ID” field
(Optional) Type a name for vehicle
Click "OK"

3) Send a destination to vehicle:
Use a computer
If smartphone being used (not recommended and may not work), scroll to end of resolution selection for how to try to complete step 3 on smartphone
Go to Google Maps for vehicle's country
For example: for UK vehicle, go to Google Maps
Enter a destination
Click "Send to your phone"
Select "Send to car"
Confirm destination and vehicle in pop up
Click "Send"
Note that even if an error message appears on Google website, destination may have actually been sent; as such, proceed to step 4 even if an error message appears

4) Download destination to vehicle:
If NissanConnect EV or Carwings:
Go to vehicle
Select "Navi"
Touch "Send to Car"
Touch "Download"
Destination then downloads

Google Send to Car and step 3 on smartphones
Note that Google advises that Google Send to Car may not work or be possible to do on smartphones
Even so, to try on a smartphone:
Open web browser
FYI, Google Maps app currently doesn't have option to send a destination
Go to Google Maps website
Click three vertical dots in top right (Android with Chrome)
Select menu option "Desktop site"
Check to see if there is an option to "Send to your phone"
If no option available or if destination not sent successfully, use computer to complete steps
If option available, follow rest of step 3 and step 4 instructions

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Thanks for all the details. Everything is ok until I send to car the comes up with "We were unable to send this direction". Checked in car but nothing there. Maybe it takes time to initialize?

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I know it's not what you asked but I just use my phone with a good dash/windscreen mount as a sat-nav. IMO, the sat nav on a car is never going to be as good/reliable as Google/Apple can offer with up to date maps, live traffic etc.
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