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I have a Schneider EVlink Wallbox, which I've been trying to find ways to get into busybox running on it, or a way in via the telnet / SSH ports which are open, but not succeeded yet, however reading through the manual what I actually want to do could be accomplished through hardware... Then again not bothered to open up to find a JTAG yet to try that way either.

I consider myself a tinkerer with electronics, and have many IoT devices doing various things, but the way Schneider have documented this has thrown me off a little, so would appreciate how others may read this...

Basically, I want to be able to use a ESP module with a relay to control the G2 switch / E4 port deferred start so I can use the Octopus Agile API to start/stop charging, rather than my current solution of having to set the timer in the car.

So, what's throwing me on this is the PSU connection, and then the modulation of the deferred start showing the car state on the right.

It seems to me that E4 would output 24v and 0v (E5) is the ground? But the picture on the left reads as you take a 24v feed from the PSU and the E4 port is a sink of sorts which the EV charger MCU detects the high/low or open/close?

Full PDF is HERE for those interested in reading more.

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