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I had this twice now.

First time was about a month ago. I was parked nose down on my brother's drive which is quite steep. When I returned to the car after a couple of hours, this came on and the steering lock was actually on, as was the lock on the gear shift which was stuck in park.

Perhaps more worryingly, the car wouldn't turn off despite holding down the button for long durations. Eventually we rocked the car and it disengaged the lock, at which point I could turn off and the car then came back on as normal.

I reported this at the time and Vauxhall claimed it was the first they'd heard of it.

The second time it happened was in a Little Chef car park last Sunday. This time only the warning came up on the main screen but I drove off as usual and it stayed on for the next 50 miles until I had to call into a garage to get a splash of fuel.

As luck would have it, the car was due to go into the dealer on Tuesday to have its bonnet changed (another story). I asked for them to have a look at the issue while it was there.

They came back and said there was nothing physically wrong with it, nothing to report from Vauxhall and that I probably had the wheels touching a kerb stone or something. Thing is, I didn't - I have a photo of the occasion - and given that it said *service*, rather than just locked the lock, I find that worrying. It actually came on the first time, so could this come on while driving?

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Had the "service steering lock" message yesterday. It came on as I reversed out of my drive. After about 1 mile I turned the select knob on the Driver Information Centre Controls to look at the tyre pressures and found that the message disappeared permanently and did not reappear, even after the next two restarts either.
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