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Received an email from Shell.. apparently they are going to install chargers at 100 Waitrose stores by 2025. The 1st will be early next year..
Each site will have 6 22kw and 2 50kw rapid chargers and be used mainly as destination chargers.
No reference to cost of charging... I guess the free 7kw chargers at some Waitrose and controlled by BP plus will disappear, like the ones that used to be at Morrisons.


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Waitrose are the most useless of the lot. They've done nothing about charging for years and taking 4 years to get chargers in place seems glacial.

The polar at Lichfield Waitrose has been broken for a year and was going to be replaced 'soon':rolleyes: and then it won't even be repaired and BP will do nothing as they've lost the contract so who knows how long it will be before a working charger is there.
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