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Should I buy this car, 2019 Kia E Niro

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Hello, I need some help please. I live in Arizona and would like to talk to others that have an E Niro and live in the desert. Arizona gets super hot and our infrastructure for EV charging is sparse from what I can tell.

I am concerned about battery degradation.
I am concerned about charging stations not working and getting stranded

Any thoughts on this?
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If you are concerned, don't do it. Simple.

If you are still willing to take the chance, don't worry about degradation so much. Ask the dealer for a state of health (SOH) readout. Or if possible get a OBDII reader, get an app such as CarScanner, and do your own reading. Second, review your own car use. Chances are you will be doing your charging at home for 90% of the time. You will need to charge away from home only if doing more than 190miles in one day.

Anyway, this is mainly UK>>Europe>>World members website. We have a large number of USA members, but you might be able to get better help in a USA dedicated website. Hopefully, there will be someone along to disprove me.
As for chargers, I recommend the OP to use abetterrouteplanner.com to simulate his most frequent trips and see if the charging network is sufficient for his needs.
The OP is from USA, so I'm not sure abetterrouteplanner will be helpful.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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