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Relates to Mercedes Me, in UK

Well my time for paying-up came quite quickly.

On Tues last, I got invitation to extend my Mercedes Me - the offering came in 3 x packages with an ‘opt in’ for up to 3 years.

I really have no idea why Mercedes priced it in this manner - I couldn’t see why anyone would want to ‘shave’ the price and have lower functionality?

I swithered for all of 5 minutes and decided to pay for the maximum functionality, over the maximum time- a total of £197 (for the 3 years). However, having parted with cash - I am looking more critically at the functionality. For example Find Charging Stations - shows NO charging stations? Further, the ability to setup for Day/Night Charging didn’t seem to work. Is anyone having the same issues?
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the option to find a charging station near by in the me app never worked to well for me at all. BUT and I mean a big BUT this feature is free in the Mercedes EQ app.. Yeah the paid for feature is free in the other app that anyone can download!!!.
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