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Hi Paul
Your right - type 2 sockets should not be installed indoors, the home charge grant clause 5.1 states that only tethered chargepoints can be installed indoors. Although I'm pretty sure people will fit them not knowing this clause. I've had this discussion with the tech guys at pod point and Rolec and NAPIT different sources will give different answers. Most come back to the concern of crossing earthing zones. Within a garage you are within the properties equipotential zone jump on the drive you are outside it. If you have a tethered cable you are restricted to where you can charge and a risk assessment should state where you can safely charge your car - normally in the garage. With no cable there is no restriction. When I asked the question of what about having a chargepoint in the garage, parking on the drive and plugging in therefore crossing earthing zones??? I was referred to risk assessment and safe charging should be listed and signed by the client. Your right no power will pass until both ends are happy and communicating.
If we could fit type 2 sockets indoors it will future proof a lot of properties, imagine having a i3 and a leaf in the same house??? Annoying. I've heard people are questioning 1 cable lengths and 2 type 2 sockets with the iet. I await the answers.
Love the forum I've learnt a lot from it and I'm meant to no everything as an installer, just goes to show knowledge is power.
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