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a few weeks ago I left my car parked in the garage for a week to discover that the battery lost 10% of charge and this was not reported in the Skoda Connect App.

So I tried another test using carscanner app with my odb dongle.
I left the car parked on Dec 11 with 38% left on the Skoda Connect app, the cells where all at 3.64-3.63V. Unfortunately I haven't saved the SOC on carscanner but from memory it was at 40.50% but I can't guarantee it).

On Dec 15 today Skoda Connect still said 38% left. I opened the car for 2 minutes only without starting the engine and read the cells where at 3.62V and the SOC at 34.10%.
I locked the car and Skoda Connect now says 32% left.

1) does that drop in voltage equals the loss in SOC?
2) I have no plans active, where did those kWh went? The battery has no active heating or cooling.
3) why does the SOC in Skoda Connect doesn't update unless I open and close the car?

This is a pretty serious issue, if my car is parked for 1 week at 10% it could mean when I get again in the car the battery is completely depleted. Also the app is not giving me the actual information and this is even more serious since I cannot know for sure the real SOC remotely!

The garage temp averages lows of 5°C and a highs of 10°C.

What do you think of all this?

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Yeah, that doesn’t sound like vampire drain. More likely just temperature fluctuation.
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