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I can't risk ordering a car on a 3 year lease, only to find that the combination of the ride and seat design is too firm. Thanks anyone.
Yes, you can risk ordering it because there should be no risk.

If you do the deal remotely, never going into a dealer, eg. via a broker, then it is a distance transaction and you have 14 days to cancel it for no reason whatsoever once you take delivery of it.

Go ahead, and if you don't like it after a couple of days, just cancel the deal.

If you feel that is too rough on a poor snowflake dealer/leaser who doesn't like what the law says they should do, then just re-emphasise this in writing. Make the deal and following all the contracts signed up then say 'Incidentally, if this is too harsh a ride, I will cancel the deal and return the car in the first week.'.

If they don't like the sound of that, because they are not the sort to honour their legal obligations, then they're probably not the right sort of dealer/leaser to do business with.

Of course it doesn't help you too much either because you might have waited a few months and be without a car at that point, but it is the law that you can cancel within 14 days, for no reason needing to be given.
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