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Kia Soul EV 1st Edition https://share.octopus.energy/quiet-puma-274
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Had 1st service on my leaf today which luckily was free & my oil, exhaust, belts etc are all ok according to the report 馃槅
After 10 yrs of making the Leaf they still haven't got a dedicated service item list for the Leaf 馃檮
Had dash cam in car & it shows around 30 mins to do general check over ( no parts replaced ) b4 they left it for 15 mins before parking it back outside..
What do they normally charge for this 1st service?

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They probably don鈥檛 produce a proper service check sheet, because you would need a telescope to read it, it would be that small !!!!.
Basically given the time spent on the car ( 30 mins ) they are giving it a so called 鈥淗ealth Check鈥.
If we consider that it receives a MOT each year, when all of the major ( and important items ) are inspected, then that does leave the 鈥淪tealer鈥 having much more to check.
My ZS EV had its first service last week, it was 拢90.00 for the privilege.
Just to rub it in, they left the small bottle containing screen wash in the car,
Expensive screen wash that !.
They feel it all slipping away, but are trying in vain to get your EV through the door once a year.
Offering extended warranties of 7 years etc is a way of pulling in some service work.
You need the service record to back up the warranty, very clever !.
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