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Drove my GTE for the last time today. The 4yr lease is now up and it will sit on the driveway until the leaseco can come to get to it.
So it's going to tease me ....
A big thank you to all those who answered my Qs, helped with tips of their own or just brighten our days with their wise-cracks and gentle side digs.
I am going to really miss the temptation of pressing the GTE button, of pressing the Climate OFF button, and of the course the temptation of changing the GOM display for the trip distance. Been there, got several tee-shirts, and spent way too many hours trying to get the electrons to last as long as possible.
It's been a fab car that I have REALLY enjoyed having. I wanted the drop the household fuel bill as the main getting-reason, and it did that on the 50k miles I put on it, saved us loads, helped by at least half my charging being at freebies in the local area/workplace.

We'll drop to a single car household for the next few months.
My employer has decided to cancel its own car scheme I was in , so deciding now about whether to get a secondhand BEV or lease small new(without a deposit). c19 and other life events now mean a different strategy likely, but I am looking sideways at the coming Fiat 500e.

Going to be a cold winter without preheat, I know it !!!

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Thanks for all your advice and thoughts in the last years!

My 3 year lease expires in August and wonder how many more times I will get to drive the GTE before then...! I have an e-Niro on order but C19 has hit my business very hard and I may end up having to decline the car in August. However, we are a one car household and need a car really, so worry I may end up needing to go back to a cheap second hand petrol car to cover us in the short term...:cry: First world problems though.

Stay safe and well and hope you get the EV you want!
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Hi @gladini .
I was also sorry to see my GTE drive off into the distance, late last year.
We also dropped down to a single car for a few months.
I quickly found when driving the wife's Fiat 500 that it proved to be more expensive on fuel costs after the fugal GTE.
Having owned 3 other previous versions of the Golf, I found the GTE was by far the best model with regards to power and economy.
All the other models where great, but the electric drive in GTE put it right at the top of the pile.
In only a few short months or ownership, I just knew that my next car would have to be a full BEV.
I think you may have probably come to the same conclusion by know.
I still drop by the GTE forum on a regular basis.
Noticed a lot of the early adopters of the GTE have moved across to BEV's.
A lot of forum members have greatly benefited from your questions and comments over the time you have spent here.
Good luck on your choice of car after the GTE.
I know I have said this before, but the GTE is hard act to follow.
A brilliant bridge car into big world of EV's.
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