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Blast, I won't be able to make this one David, as I have a couple of social events next Sunday already. Hopefully better luck with the next one!

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Great to see everybody. Good chat as usual. Sorry I had to smog the place up.

Now for the rant.


How can it be that Ashley has worked with you over the last two weeks to get the correct software on your posts to allow 7kW charging, tested the posts in the week for reliability, got the site to understand how to reset the posts because they crash far too often - AND THEN WE TURN UP TO FIND THE SOFTWARE REVERTED TO THE OLD 3kW ONLY VERSION? :roll:

Not only that, but your 'helpline' isn't open on weekends - the exact time most people will need it.

9 cars showed up with destinations as far as Bristol and Taunton - some with young children - that were absolutely reliant on charging to get home again.

Do you want the publicity of kids sitting around in an EV that ran out of charge in 30 degree heat because your charging post failed to work yet again?

We were able to get the 3kW side working and hence Matt hooked up at 10A, but that was not good enough for what he needed.

Thank goodness that the Whiteley site manager was able to hook Nikki up to a 16A commando elsewhere in the carpark, or she would be unable to get home. Matt's C-Zero was moved around the corner to Ashley's house in order to get enough of a charge to continue his journey (on his 16A Polar homecharge charger).

If anyone from OLEV reads this - and more to the point cares - this company is beyond useless. An unreliable charging network might as well not exist. Please investigate the reliability of what is being installed on your grant-funded schemes and act accordingly.

Don't worry, we told the site manager that there are many better options out there. If he has any sense he will return these Pod Points as not fit for purpose.
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