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I was at my local dealer only two days ago as my first service is due on the 6th of Jan 2021.
They are not taking any more bookings before Christmas and therefore the car booked in for the 6th Jan.
This is bang on the same date as I collected the car from the supplying dealer.
While there, I asked could they tell me what updates / recalls that my car was likely to need, as I would like them to be done on the same appointment.
The service advisor said the only update they knew of, was the "Comfort 2" update and NO other updates where available !.
She then asked if I wanted to book the car in for this ( chargeable to customer ) update.
I then told her that the update had been done at the SAME dealer only 4 weeks ago.
The same person handed me my keys and dealt with the payment for the work.
So, more than just a little frustrated by her lack of knowledge, I produced three sheets of paper from my jacket pocket that could suggest that my car DID require the wiring loom replacement and the HV battery fuse update.
One of the sheets was the actual MG service bulletin ( SO17 ) for the HV battery fuse update.
She was more concerned on how I had this document in my possession and made off to see the service manger.
I was really hoping that he would return with the info, but no such chance.
When she returned, she said that the car WOULD require the wire loom replacement and the HV battery update, but that was it.
I informed her that it was extremely likely that my car would also require the second BMS update ( maybe SO15 ) to update the type 2 charging protocol and would allow the car to fast charge with the doors unlocked.
I could see this went completely over head.
Due to her negative and unresponsive attitude I felt it necessary to state, that I thought that it was really poor that the customers are having to inform the dealer what there car require and NOT the other way around.
I don't think she even grasped what I sad by :- "Another typical case of the tail waging the dog."
To be honest, I was totally expecting what I received.
That is why I went pre-prepared with the information in the first place.
All gladly received from this forum it has to be said !.
Already I know I am going to be meeting the service manager after I get my car back with out some of the work not carried out.
Similar response from my dealer. They've had 2 attempts now to install the comfort update, which they charged me for. Still missing things like outside temperature so I know they've not done it properly. They really have limited competency for Ev's. Will be taking her elsewhere when service is due and will have them try it.
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