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Him indoors has a question:
Does Niro鈥檚 software update automatically or do we have to do something?
Thanks 馃槉
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There are 3 versions with the purple/pink hue. Honestly downloading and installing the update yourself is easy; paying a dealer to do it is a mug's game.

Everyone here is talking about the head unit software though. The car's software probably can only be updated by a dealer. No idea if there have been any updates for this since launch.
That's reasonable but be aware that based on feedback here, plenty of dealers do not have the latest version and claim ignorance when you try to convince them it exists.
Nope, they are usually posted on the Ioniq forums and then here (Hyundai and Kia share the same software releases, e.g. the software package for 10.25" screens will work for the e-Niro 3, 4, 4+, and some Hyundai models).
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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