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Solar quote

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I got a quote through SolarTogether and sort of assumed it is a good quote. It is part of a group buying scheme by the council, I thought it is probably as good a value I am going to get - plus a vetted supplier. But I have had some great responses to my other question and somebody pointed me to a Youtube channel "The EV Puzzle", where Nigel talks about a 14 panels system costing only £4K in the video from earlier this month. The quote now doesn't seem good at all, so I thought what people think.

The installer has quoted nearly £3.7k for 8 panels (includes everything incl. installation over slate tiles) and jumps to £4.3k for 10 panels. There is a quote for battery too but I am not keen on getting that just now.
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Blimey, panels are getting damn cheap these days.
Just so you can feel smug about getting a good price I paid around £11.5k for my 3.5kW array of 12 panels.

To claw back some smugness, that was over 9 years ago though so I get the top FIT rates :cool:
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Blimey that took a while.
An interesting read though. I can understand to a certain level making comments on hypothetical changes is wrong but at the same time offering some clear guidance would seem prudent instead of trying to hide behind contractual terms.

As they do state the panels and inverters constitute the generating equipment I can easily read that as long as you have one single part, maybe a panel, that is original then it's all still valid.

I can only think the way forward would be to send the same letter but add some specifics as they do state that "until full details of the works have been made available to the FIT licensee " so it doesn't need to be need to be complete or even started. Just list the exact system you have and what you plan to replace with which exact panels and I can't see why they couldn't give a definitive answer.
I've got old ~250W panels that are fine but swapping them out for 350W would be nice.

Hmmm, I now wonder if like trigger broom, you swap some parts, get it all signed off that the new setup would now be classified as the original and then swap other bits. Seems plausible and sensible over time. Things fail and original parts are likely to not be available
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