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Short story:

I'd like to sell a pair of Rosava Itegro 195/55R16 87V tyres, just 2 months old, with less than 2000 miles on them.
Make an offer, and we can arrange a suitable point for collection - I'm in North London but willing to travel a reasonable distance on a weekend (we like day trips!)

Long story if you're curious:

The very first day after getting "my" Zoe from Onto, I blew both tyres on the passenger side against Wightman road's infamous kerb... the fact that I hadn't driven in years didn't help, of course 😅
Onto's breakdown service couldn't source two tyres (it was the bank holiday weekend) and we were on our way to a week's road trip, so I had little choice but to use an expensive mobile fitting service to replace the tyres.

I used them since then without any issue, but eventually Onto offered/insisted to replace them with their brand of choice, free of charge. So I now have no use for the pair (currently stored in the Zoe's trunk) which I paid for, and I would like to recoup at least some of the cost.
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