I'm looking at selling my 2018 Ioniq as I need a bigger vehicle.

I purchased the car from Hyundai in December 2018 and have done just under 27k miles. It was a demo car with 1k on it only so I'm the first owner
if we don't count the dealership.

The car has already been fully paid for so there's no outstanding finance on it and a proof letter from Hyundai Finance is available.
V5 present too. All service history present too. It has been serviced at Hyundai dealers only. See also below.

Good bits:

1. Dash cam 1080p - MiVue C335 - had it professionally fitted by Hyundai back then (£250 fitted). 128GB SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Memory Card - holds about a month of driving footage.
2. All season run-flat Bridgestone made in Hungary tyres with 7k miles (fitted 2021) - could do with rotating front to back. Very good in snowy conditions. About £85 per tyre.

They are fitted on the original alloys. There is negligible loss of range compared to the original Michelin Green tyres but the grip in comparison is at least +30%.
Technology of Bridgestone run-flat explained here:

Because of the deep tread the tyres are very comfortable and yet very quiet which to me was quite a surprise. The wind noise prevails.

3. Roof racks - compatible with Thule bike carriers - we used to go cycling before but haven't had the time lately. Racks were about £150 if I remember correctly.
Seem to be no longer available where I bought them from:

Depending on the wind angle of attack they can sometimes be heard whistling a bit at high speeds but very rare.

4. Rubber floor matts - still in good shape. Rear ones like brand new.
5. Original matts - never used - I still keep them so new owner can enjoy the feeling of a brand new carpet :)
6. High beam lights - I have upgraded the high beams with LED bulbs, the original halogen are still in the boot as spare

If you check the MOT history of the vehicle you'll see a fail on the headlights aiming too low:
  • Headlamp aim too low both front (4.1.2 (a))
Now, this is due to me and the old machine of a friend's friend garage being in disagreement.
After he failed the car and adjusted the lights to what he thought was right - it took me a good two hours of driving and tweaking to get them where they practically need to be.
He had them aimed to the sky seeking for airplanes. I set them back to my preference where there's sufficient spread ahead so that I can still see well on twisty B roads, not blind oncoming traffic and yet high enough so when I'm driving on the motorway using low beam - they still point sufficiently well ahead.
Some might not know, but the lights are self leveling although it takes some time to notice and the system reacts a bit slow compared to BMW or Mercedes.
The level sensor for the car tilt is located in the rear wheel arch.

7. 5 brand new spare wheel lug nuts + locking nut - Hyundai supply these with the car when new as they know the alloy is low quality and they rust overtime
8. Latest software update - shows the GPS speed on the map.
9. Rear view camera - very handy. It gets dirty in winter so now and again you have to wipe it.
10. Surround system with a subwoofer in the boot - this is standard for this model - sounds pretty good, loud and clear if you're not pushing for the limit.
11. 2 cup holders front, 2 in the back in the armrest
12. AEB - Autonomous Emergency Braking - never had to use it but had been warned a few times - three distance settings available. Some times the system will pick parked cars if driving in a bend but will just warn - never stop. Never had an issue with it.
13. 7 airbags, 5 star safety rating
14. Lane keeping assistant
15. Adaptive cruise control - four distance settings available
16. Heated steering wheel
17. Heated front seats
18. Wireless mobile phone charger
19. Rain sensor - could be sluggish initially until it calibrates, then works fine.
20. Auto demist function - can be quite annoying at times but you won't suffer from a misty windshield
21. Full service history with Hyundai - It's booked for its fourth service on Saturday 27th of Aug and for its second MOT on Thursday 25th so will have full year of MOT
22. £0 Road Tax - who doesn't know this...
23. Colour - Fiery red - there is some pearl effect in bright light
24. The car has been mostly charged at home at my 32A charger and probably a total of 50-ish rapid charges as I can with high certainty point to the rapid chargers I've used (Mostly Instavolt) for the last 3 and a half years.
35. USB port in the front end of the central console can read MP3's. The one in the armrest can only power your phone for example.
36. Android auto & Waze - never had to use them. The built in sat nav is good enough 99% of the time, although voice commands can be a bit late sometimes
37. AC blows cold - Hyundai claimed they topped it up last year
38. Two keys - the one that I'm using is in a protective case. Hyundai claim they've changed its battery last year because voltage was below spec. The other key has never been used but I checked and it locks/unlocks the car still so I can assume it works.
39. Before set off I use water from a bottle to clean the windscreen - never have allowed myself to use the wipers to clean dust off - I hate windscreen scratches. Nevertheless the windscreen has been recently polished just in case - see below.
40. Two charging cables included - barely used, condition as new.
41. Mileage - close to 27,000 miles, car is in daily use so will go up
42. TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - has worked flawlessly so far. I keep the fronts at 2.6 BAR and rears at 2.7 BAR. The cars weight balance is a bit rear biased because of the battery location (under rear seats). Having slightly higher pressure in the rears prevents her from squatting too much at junctions and better grip in the front tyres.

Bad bits
1. The carbon steel parts of the suspension are prone to corrosion. Although I've tried to keep on top of it and rinse the car and arches as soon as I get back home when the roads are gritted, there are some spots here and there. I have a jack so any inspection - welcome.
2. Paint - I had the car ceramic coated but after a year and a half the coating naturally started to fade so I had the paint professionally buffed. Despite this, upon very close inspection some traces of coating can still be found. Never bothered me and the car still looks great for its age.
3. Some lug nuts have tiny bit of corrosion - new spare ones available for the new owner in the boot
4. Wipers - one year old, they work good still but could do with new ones - I change them every year typically, I can't stand squeaking or smearing
5. The driver's door seal cracked around 20k miles. Hyundai were asking £260 to replace it which is outrageous so I found a second hand one in good nick and replaced in 5 minutes. There are some marks on the "new" one but hardly noticeable.

Range, usage and charging
In summer the Ioniq 28kWh will average about 4.5 mi/kWh on the motorway and even more if driven sensibly, even with the AC on at slow fan speed.
Few days ago I made it from south east of Sheffield to Darlington sticking to around 65 mph GPS speed with 20 miles left when I got to the charger.
In town and in warm weather you could squeeze 140 miles easy from the car especially on flat terrain. Sheffield is a constant climb/descend kind of terrain so it doesn't help the range at all.
My return commute from work is 4 miles uphill with 60 metres total climb and the car shows typically 3.1 - 3.2 mi/kWh.
One battery usually lasts me a whole week where I drive about 100-110 miles and then plug in. Typically with 20-30-ish miles left.
I have a Bluetooth OBD dongle so we can read all sensors battery cell voltage using CarScanner Pro.
The car will take 67 kW from a good charger and will hold this speed to around 80%-85%. On a 150kW charger - it usually takes 25-30 minutes to charge 20-22kWh which are good enough for another 100-110 miles of driving.
Note: On CCS - the car charges only up to 95% ! If you want 100% - you need an AC charger.
I know these are well know facts for majority of EV fanatics but someone who is just getting into the EV world - might not be aware.