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Just an update. I sold my Kona last week. It's a great EV but for a number of reasons just made no sense for us - it didn't when I bought it, it was an itch/bucket list item - but with the way things are now it made even less sense than then.
So it's gone :(

After looking hard at the options for a smaller car I've now put down for (squeamish people should stop reading now) a 3yo Toyota Yaris Hybrid - yes, a self-charging one. I'll miss a lot of the things the Kona had, but for the time I'll be in it they are really not that important.

I hope my Kona will go to someone who puts enough miles on it to at least recoup the emissions from construction, which was never going to happen with me. Getting a used ICE is in my case actually better for the planet - and it cost 1/2 what I sold the Kona for - so there's that too.

I'll still be around, for the foreseeable anyway, and if things change before I stop driving I may well be back.
Well, it’s just a car at the end of the day, and you’ve got to buy what works and is sensible for you. 👍
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