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Renault ZOE R135 ZE50 GTLine July 2020 (Sold: R90 ZE40 i Dynamic Nav June 2017)
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We've been so pleased with our ZE40 that we have a ZE50 on order. The extra range will let us reach a key destination without charging.

The ZE40 we're selling has a year's remaining manufacturer's warranty, running until June 2018. The battery is warranted for 8 years, 100,000 miles, to 67% state of health. Current state of health is 96%, so losing about 1% of capacity per year. There is a 5 year warranty on the electrical drive train.

If you've not looked at ZOEs before, be aware that most for sale have a leased battery, which costs at least £59 per month (more depending on mileage). So over £2,000 over just 3 years, and to pay forever. (Renault have just started letting people buy out of the lease.) Battery-owned ZE40 are currently quite scarce on the used market - note the 'i' on the boot in the photo below.

Optional extras fitted: Zircon Blue paint, reversing camera, front parking sensors (fitted by dealer) and rear centre headrest.

The car is due its 3 year service and this will be completed in the asking price. (We have a trade in price agreed without the service completed.) I'm offering a low price for a battery-owned car of this age and mileage and the price is fixed, as we have a trade in price that is not much lower.

It has one tiny dint in the bonnet from a stone (too small to get a photo of) and a few very minor marks in the paint. No kerb marks on wheels. Great condition for age and mileage.

Comes with a 3-phase cable for 22kW AC charging. No 'granny charger' - ZOEs are not supplied with one.

PM me if you are interested. We live in Shropshire.


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