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For sale my Nissan Leaf Tekna 24kWh, 2014, 41.6k miles, black

Reason for sale: placed an order for an ID.3 due in September, so not in a massive rush, but have another car, so it can go anytime.

My intention was to keep the car for much longer, but I'm now riding my bike to work most days and my partner is using it much more, and quite frankly she never keeps an eye on the range, so with a short range, it's a matter of when, not if, she runs out of power and I get it in the neck. Hence purchasing a longer range EV. I do a once a month trip to Teesside (70 miles return trip) and back which I can do on a single charge, but usually just do a top up on the granny charger when I go with my partner and kids.

Background: I purchased this car from Lookers Nissan in Newcastle in October 2016, and it has totally converted me to EV's.

I bought it with 14.5k on, one previous owner, and have done just under 30k in my near 5 years of ownership.

The car: it was registered in December 2014, and the current MOT expires mid December this year.

I have both key fobs for the car.

The car comes with a type 1 to 2 cable, as well as a granny charger. Both official Nissan ones, complete with Nissan carry cases.

It has part service history, with my local garage telling me that their service would generally just be like an MOT and to get bits done as and when necessary.

It had the rear handbrake cables replaced a few years ago, as one failed, so I just got them both done.

The discs were corroded due to not a lot of use, so I replaced them with some coated discs to help keep corrosion at bay, and new pads in August 2019.

The car is still showing 12 battery bars, but I don't have a working dongle so can't get an exact % from Leaf Spy, but viewers are welcome to do this if they wish.

Known issues: the TPS sensor on the front passenger side wheel is displaying a dashboard error, so will need replacing when the tyres are, which I think they all could do with, as to the best of my knowledge they haven't been replaced.

Looking at the tyres, they could do with a new set before the MOT this year.

There is a scratch to the leather on the drivers seat, which I've tried to show in a picture, but is just the surface and isn't deep. It happened during the first few months of ownership and has not got any worse over the years.

I would describe the bodywork as generally good, with marks you would find on a 7 year old car. There is a chip on the roof which I have touched in to prevent corrosion.

The diamond cut alloys have corrosion showing u der the lacquer, which I've tried to show, but very little, if any kerbing.

Location: DH9, just outside Stanley, County Durham, about 15 minutes drive to Newcastle.

There is no outstanding finance due on the car.

Price: SOLD

webuyanycar quoted just over £6500, but obviously they'd knock this down for the issues I've listed above.










I'll try to give the car a wash and post better pictures at some point this week, current pictures show it in the condition as of this morning.

Vw ID.3 Life Pro
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I think I'm going to look in to getting the TPS sensor replaced, as I can appreciate how a warning light could be an issue for people when purchasing.

Not going to replace the tyres, as I know that some people have a preference when it comes to tyres, so best to let people choose what they want.

Open to offers.
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