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SOLD - Renault Zoe Premium Mat Set - 8201332647

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Long story, but ended up with two sets of Zoe Premium mats. There are four mats and they are grey edged.

We are moving soon so rather than keep as a spare set, I will sell if I can get £25 + Postage.

I need to check weight, but I think Hermes will be around £6.00 - Socially distanced collection from Newbury OK too!

Cable Technology Auto part Plastic bag
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What a shame, I've recently bought a non-Renault set from eBay. I would've snatched your hand off. Good luck.

Just as an aside, I note that the Classifieds have three sections now, one for vehicles (where this is), one for parts & accessories (ideal for your mats), and one for EVSE.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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