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The Zoe has gone, so I have a few bits & pieces to get rid of:

La Pre Alpina Aluminium roof bars

In good condition, albeit with a couple of cosmetic blemishes from being in the shed. All parts intact, 2 keys included. They fit the 41kwh (and I assume the 22 since it's the same body shape), however I can't confirm they will fit the 50.

£80 - would prefer to have them collected due to the size/weight, but can post for ~£15


UK 13amp to type 2 5m "granny charger".

This isn't an official Renault one - it's "Duosida" branded, but worked perfectly on my R110. Has seen very little use; maybe 5-10 times, and otherwise has been sat under the boot floor in the Zoe, so is in really good condition. This doesn't have the dust/moisture cover (see photo), as I removed this to put on the type 2 cable I had padlocked to my home charging point.

£120 collected / £130 posted


32amp, 3 phase 5m Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable

Has been sat outside padlocked to my charging point for the last 18 months, so is a bit dirty (but I'll give it a wipe down before sale), but in full working condition. I've put a dust/moisture cover on the car end to protect it while not in use.

£80 collected / £90 posted


Location for collection is North-East Birmingham. Social distancing etc. will be adhered to
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