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Been posted on another thread previously, gave up BMW 528i company car, saving some £400 a month in company car tax BIK, in addition I save £330 a month on fuel with the icing on the cake of my company paying me £600 a month in a car allowance. The allowance unfortunately is subject to taxation so around £360 net.

All in all £1090, since I have been driving it now for 32 months that adds up to a little under £35k, only costs have been one service after I bought it, since I wanted Tesla to check it over £800 and one set of tyres which I bought on a set of Slipstream wheels for £1,700. All in all it is actually the cheapest motoring I have had in a long long time. That is of course because there is still £32k value in the car.

Oh and 2 bottles of screenwash, call it £10, nearly forgot spent £400 retrofitting the power tailgate.

Unlikely to change it to be honest, unless it is stolen or written off, as I enjoy driving it just as much today as I did when I first got it, occasionally still choosing to drive to places I can fly to or get the train to as it means I get to drive it!

I have another 4 years warranty on my pack and need to get my moneys worth :)
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