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SOS module

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Well, just had a crash in my iD.4 which pretty much seems to have wrecked the front, the front compartment and steering. Ignoring the details of the accident and potential repairs/write off, attempted to use the SOS call for recovery. I got notified of a call and then some almost inaudible and incomprehensible noises, which might have been speech, or something recorded, or a computerised voice (my phone call to emergency services was working ok through the car system). Nothing resulted from this. So, just wondering if anyone else actually has any experience of the SOS module doing something useful, or what it should do. On a sample of one, it seems useless.

(Nobody injured in either vehicle; just wrecked cars)
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I believe the car will automatically call the emergency services and send its location in the event of an airbag deployment accident, did any of your airbags deploy?
Got all the manual information; maybe I made the mistake of calling 999 directly.

No the airbags didn't deploy, which I thought a bit strange. Hope they were working! But we decelerated relativel slowly running over the verge with undergrowth and bushes. The aairbags in the other vehicle deployed, maybe because they hit directly, but us from the side.
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