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Occasionally I use Source London charge points, which, as many of you will know, are unusual as they bill by the minute rather than amount of electricity consumed.

It so happens that totally coincidentally, my last two charges on their 22kW charge points were both exactly 45 minutes. Allowing for a small variation (due to it being a little colder on the second occasion), one might expect the same amount of electricity to be taken, however this is not the case. The first time I received 13.6kWh, the second time only 8.4kWh. (Remember, I am being billed the same for both charges.)

I wrote to Source London, and this was their reply:

“Please note that a Source London 22kW charge point would always deliver a charge of 22kW from our Type 2 socket. If your battery is receiving less than this, this would usually be determined by your vehicle on board charger. This may also be affected by other settings which are determined by your vehicle.

We therefore advise you to contact your car manufacturer/dealership and inquire if there are specific setting on your car which may be limiting the amount of power which you are receiving from Source London charge points.”

My car is a Zoe with the Q210 motor which should be capable of drawing 43kW AC – well in excess of the 22kW delivered by the Source London charge point. Does anybody have an explanation for what is going on?
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