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interesting that we have companies in the UK (Chargemaster, Podpoint etc) and they chose to go with a French company, does that tell us something about our home grown charging companies ?
I don't think you have read it right. There is a difference between charge point installers, network service providers and system operators.
I'm assuming that IER are the latter and there is no reason why various brands of post cannot be procured and installed?
However, having seen what IER has done in Paris, I think Chargemaster will find it increasingly difficult to win business in London! Watch this space for the arrival of the Bollore car brand and the Autolib hire fleet!
Autolib's cars now look pretty tatty, but the concept is excellent - book a car online, pick it up on a nearby street corner and drop it off at a charging point, near your destination! Pay by the minute - its a great way to see Paris (I think). Though my own experience was less that satisfactory - I booked the car - went to the rank - but whatever I did the car wouldn't release. It cost me the daily sub (Euro 10) - but i'm putting that down to experience!
I think IER/Bollore/Autolib will made EVs, in London, 'hip' and ubiquitous!
In my view it will do more to promote EV adoption than any other EV initiative!
It won't be cheap, but its a great alternative to the Mini-cab/black cab. Flexible, spontaneous and fun! Let hope the remnants of the London pub/club culture don't spoil it finding alternative uses!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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