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I tried my new in September last Chargemaster card in Bicester Village yesterday. I have had no letter or email to say they will not work as of April 1st.Two posts there and neither worked with either card, I have 2 because the first one wasn't being read I thought, of course I now know better...duh! I have tried those posts four times since September and have never succeeding in getting either of them to work so no great surprise.
There was however a Leaf charging on the left post!?o_O Whilst the car park operator was busy discovering his C.M card wouldn't work on either post Leaf owner appeared. His Source London card worked but only on the left post.
A single success from one in four cards but only on one of two posts so a 7:1 failure rateo_O:eek::rolleyes:Since then I have discovered a CM post that worked on April 2nd now no longer does. It seems service denial i.e. "The Big Switch Off" is underway.
I have only ever been able to make the left charge post work at Bicester in all my visits.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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