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South Coast (Portsmouth) meet up

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I believe we have 1 or 2...
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I am planning to attend the January meeting
If this snow doesn't melt I'll be marooned in my drive as I am on a steep slope in a quiet crescent with no traffic or gritting to clear a track.
That means you'll be down a charge cable also. Sorry.
I'm not clearing the whole road! Also not risking ploughing my pristine Ampera into the old LR Disco at the bottom of the hill, where it would be tricky to stop. Even with my old 4WD Audi Coupe it used to be treacherous getting out, even if getting back in was easier. I nearly had it sideways into my own garage door once - not even 4WD helps when a stationary car starts slipping sideways.

The forecast is for it to stay cold and so I don't expect to try and venture out before Monday, or Tuesday.

I'd bring my charger on the train if it didn't cost so much!

I hope its not too long before we can have another. I was all set to stay overnight with a friend who lives in the area and go out for a slap up meal in the evening. Oh Well.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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