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I see that there is a spare wheel option available for 18" Passats on eBay for £100.
This seems like a worthwhile purchase.
My car has self-sealing tyres and also has a compressor and VW gunk however I wouldn't like to put my trust in either.
Seems to me there is plenty of spare boot space to accommodate this but was wondering the best place/configuration for stacking it.
Anyone on here been through this learning curve and would like to share?
Last summer I did 3000 miles in a M135 around Europe and never got a puncture but that was BECAUSE I was carrying a full size spare and jack etc. severely restricting our luggage.
On the other hand I did hit a massive "crater" sorry pothole in a Fiesta last year which blew a hole in the side of the tyre that no amount of seal or gunk was going to overcome. It was midnight in pouring rain in the deepest darkest Scottish highlands. Was I smug that I'd taken the precaution to carry a spare instead of the Ford supplied canister based repair kit? You bet!
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