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Sport Mode

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All I can say is WOW! :shock:

Sport mode turns this docile family-style car into a real performance machine.

Even better in combination with L mode as you get crisp throttle response and great acceleration combined with good regen braking as well... awesome!

I have had a few sports cars in my time... Lotus Elan S2, Merc SLK 320, Porsche etc and it might not be quite as quick as the Lotus but it feels fast with the silence.

If you haven't yet tried out Sport mode then I would encourage you to do so whenever you want to put an even bigger EV grin on your face :D :D :D
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haha, I think your slow to this party :p This is one of the reasons I bought this car, and why I don't see myself ever joining the 50 miles club..

If anyone ever says their asthmatic diesel econobox will do 80mpg just ask them if it will return that and do 0-60 in 8 at every set of traffic lights. because the Ampera can/does!

Best of all the performance is guilt free, green, cheap, and considerate to those living roadside.

Sport mode 'Engage' - (now say that with the voice from the ampera ad!)


I suppose I have been slow to this one but remember, I already have a Nissan Leaf which has similar performance so I suppose I had less incentive to try it out.

However, the Ampera is definitely faster than the Leaf and has better handling. The suspension is stiffer and the steering is more direct.

Love it!
Hiya. I think getting the performance without clobbering the economy is one of the main reasons why I love the Ampera (and Leaf). Having been used to stunning 0-60 times from my previous cars, it is so good to be able to get great acceleration AND great mpg. As you say, Parax, none of these uber-economy diesels can get anything like their claimed 70-80mpgs whilst being driven hard. It was reading a review of the Polo Bluemotion that really put me off the idea of going to a eco-diesel. The reviewer described granny-like driving and also the raucous noise of the 3 cylinder engine! What a contrast to the quiet, fast serenity of the Ampera.
Parax said:
, cheap, P.
Only if you were already going to drop £30,000 on a car!
Hi Mark!

Welcome to the forum :)

Well, I agree... I don't think anyone can call the Ampera cheap!

However, with a normal ICE (petrol/diesel) using the performance usually comes at the price of significantly increased running costs... both fuel and wear and tear. Driving the Ampera hard will also increase running costs but the increased costs won't be anything like as much as with an ICE.

I think it is brakes that will be hit hardest because gentle driving may not see much brake wear for many years and I notice this by the lack of brake dust buildup on the wheels when washing.
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