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Standard kit vs options on early GTEs

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Hey folks
Wonder if anyone can help with a link or otherwise...for standard spec and options on the early GTE estate.
For context I’m looking for the usual holy grail; Advance estate pre April 17 when VED changed!!
Few and far between obviously. The two I’ve seen over the last week or two both had the smaller central screen with the physical buttons - I’d assumed the big screen was always standard but clearly not, how much was it as an option might guide me as to whether to try and hold out for one or not!
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If it's helpful, here's the copy of the brochures I saved back in early 2018 which I think covers spec from autumn 2017 onwards. The main difference from earlier 2017 cars was a newer infotainment system, most of the rest was carried forward IIRC.

It is possible to find a later GTE estate under £40k luxury tax limit (I did exactly this for financial reasons when picking my company car as I intended to buy it at the end of the lease), but you only got to choose a handful of options to keep the price down. Essentially it boiled down to either dynamic LED headlights, metallic paint or Active Info Display, plus a little budget left for one other cheaper item like reversing camera.


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