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@Administrator Could I request a sticky thread where the top post is updated with a list of known missing/faulty things and answers to standard questions please? So far I'm aware of:

Things to check on delivery:
  • Missing jack
  • Missing first aid kit
  • Check for scratches on piano-black gloss panel around the gear selector
  • Plugsurfing card should now be included
  • Max charge rate set to only 6A - make sure you increase it to maximum
  • Signing in with a Gsuite email address fails; need to sign in with a Gmail account
Known issues:
  • Headlights pointing at the sky
  • Forward pedestrian warning sound not present
  • 12V battery flattening without warning
  • Infotainment system prone to erratic behaviour and needing to restart
  • Reversing/360 camera sometimes not working
  • If you select the audio to be driver-focused, it sets the sound up around a left-hand drive car
  • Sometimes charging continues beyond the set point (e.g. 80%) right up to 100% - inconsistent
  • Over-The-Air update facility not yet available - will require collection/dealership reprogramming to add it later in the year
  • Timed charging not yet available
  • App not yet available
  • In-car climate pre-conditioning (setting the car's internal temp automatically or from an app) not yet available
  • Ability to set up an in-car WiFi hotspot using your own SIM card not yet available
Answers to questions:
  • Charging - only comes with a 3 (TBC) phase, 16A cable for home use so max 3.6kW charging in UK even on 7kW 32A chargers - 24hrs to charge from empty!!
  • Headlights can be manually adjusted or a Volvo dealer can do it
  • Is there a printed manual or single one to download? No, apart from the one I made by writing some software to download it all :) Download
  • What sort of range will I get? 220-250 miles in general driving in summer, 190-200 miles at 70mph in summer, knock off (estimated) 15-20% in cold wet Winter days.
To be clear, this is not designed to be negative :) I'm hoping it will help people be realistic about what to expect before, during and after delivery.
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