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Great news. (y)

The dark journey will be no stress at all for the 12 volt system. It can deliver up to 80 amps on the 12 volt bus easily. The 10 amps headlights is nothing. Now it it were blazing hot at the big fan was running like crazy, that would put some more load on it.

Happy 2020!

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However the garage said that the car had been outside in the rain and water leaked in through the windscreen on the passenger side, so they would replace the windscreen
Before the next deluge I'd be inclined to check the drainage points as in the below thread, just in case.

Quick update
Starting to think it might not be the windscreen after all,

Shining a torch into the aperture under the scuttle panel shows a pool of water - blocked drain hole perhaps?

Gently spraying water into the aperture sends water into the footwell ...
Going to have a proper look in the morning as I can’t get the wiper arms off ( looks like I’ll need a bearing puller)

Anybody know what the drain point looks like (ie is it obvious what it is) ?
Sorted it,

Both drains blocked solid with gunk.

Passenger side was easy to do with my tool of choice- a metre length of twin and earth.

Drivers side was a pain to get to - had to remove the wiper motor to ease access but even then it wasn’t easy.

Four years of crud now cleaned, water streaming from the bottom of the wheel arch liners and no more water ingress.

Carpet peeled back, sound deadening squeezed and drying out
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