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EV: VW Passat GTE Estate
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Hi Everyone.
2016 Model Year Passat GTE owned from new and have run at least 66% on battery over the last four and a half years.
No problems, great car and then this message.
Into VW Main dealer because covered under a plan that has now expired. (I know! - should have got an extended warranty!)

Second time, having read about the error in the intervening 6 weeks, I had local garage fit a new 12v battery and clear the fault code(s) that mattered. Drove 50 yards to clear the rest.
Third time, 5 weeks later, I charged the12v battery (no joy) then disconnected and reconnected and got the rest of the fault codes (no joy) and the local guy came and cleared the fault code(s) which mattered. Joy, It works again!

1. Any advice please on which device I should be buying in order to find out what the real problem is.
ODB11, VCDS since so far I am not getting to the root cause.

2. Would driving using ICE help? I am not so sure it would since the car used to start the engine from time to time (although its all been battery recently because of local only usage) -and as I understand it the 12v is supposed to be charged from the Hybrid battery anyway.

Fault has always shown after its been plugged in charging in my garage.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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