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Storage for J1772 gun

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Apart from the 'holster' which Pod Point can supply as an option, is anyone aware of any other storage holsters or cradles for the J1772 gun which can be wall mounted?
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Sorry... I use the Pod Point holster and it works very well.

You probably already know this or perhaps it isn't relevent but some pod units by other manufacturers have the gun holder built in to the pod unit... I think Rolec and Schneider IIRC. There may be others.
Yes, I've seen those Paul . The reason is that I'm not planning on buying a 16a charging station initially, I'm going to leave it a while as I think the prices are crazy at present. Most of the time I plan to have the supplied Ampera charger in the garage for overnight charging, and so it would be nice to be able to 'store' the gun during the day. I've emailed the Pod Point people to see if they supply the holster separately at present - I did find a price list in the depths of their web site that listed it at £25+VAT.
Sorry I'm not going to be much help here, as I see it the problem with the Rolec unit is that the 'gun' mounts horizontally, and as the unit is already quite deep, the overall effect is that the cable sticks out over 40 cm from any wall that its mounted on.. I like their units but they really need a recessed, angled, storage socket. I use a pod-point holster too, a much better design, and I can walk past without knocking it. This is important as its not always me that wheels the Bins past it!!
I agree parax, the Rolec one does stick out. I am happy with the Pod Point solution. It is angled down so water runs away from the contacts and it sticks out less.

Does anyone know how much Pod Point are charging for this? It is simply a bit of pressed plastic... it shouldn't be more than a few pound.
hopbackguy says £25+VAT above. I think that's a bit steep it should be about £10 IMO.
Whoops!!! How did I miss that!!! Sorry.

That is pricy for what it is IMO. I agree. £10 seems about the max I would pay.
I've had a reply from a chap at Pod Point saying that they do supply the holsters separately but usually only in large numbers and how many did I want :) I replied that I wanted one! I'll be interested to see what he says.....
Ok, I got a quote from Pod Point today for one holster... £25 plus £10 delivery plus VAT, total £42. As this is just for a piece of moulded plastic, I think that for the moment I'll stick with a metal bracket in the garage, and wait until I invest in an external charging unit when the prices come down!
I'll just leave this here (relevant) https://speakev.com/threads/weather-proof-holster.4722
As well as the options offered by NuWorld my installer mentioned fixing a large screw in hook adjacent to a Rolec point to keep the connector secure off the ground...a simple if inelegant solution?
That's what I did - two screws actually, so I can hang it up properly. And I shrink wrapped them so they aren't exposed.
Not sure if this is of interest but it is being sold by a fellow EV advocate for £15 on Ebay (the holster that is) although he is also selling the plug for a very competitive price.
Ebay number 321580342885

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I am familiar with that one (I obtained one for comparison ;)). Chinese made, looks like an inlet for a central vacuum, very rugged/durable though.
I purchased Joels version from Canada, can highly recommend! The gun points diagonally downwards so that it does not stick out to far and it also has holder for the cable.

It took about a week to arrive and Joel also very kindly (at my request) provided me with a screw template so that my charge installer could drill the holes before the holster arrived.

Including $10 postage it came to about £23.00 which was about £25 cheaper then the one Rolec had for sale.

TBH in the end the Charger came with a dock fitted into the charger itself but I was happy I bought the holster as if I plugged the gun into the Rolec charger it would be sticking out way to far!
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Not sure if this is of interest but it is being sold by a fellow EV advocate for £15 on Ebay (the holster that is) although he is also selling the plug for a very competitive price.
Ebay number 321580342885
Only thing Id say about that one is that the connector is horizontal, so there's less shelter from rain etc. the Pod Point one I have, and the one @The_Wiggster has sourced is that they point diagonally downwards and so rain shouldn't get into the end of the plug when stored.
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