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Today was both interesting and a little distressing to say the least.

You may know that we are currently on holoday in our caravan and so the car has been parked on a small patch of grass next to the van. The grass has been very firm all the time we have been here even through the various rain spells but last night was a particularly heavy spell and this morning, when we tried to drive it off the grass, the front wheels bogged down and we were stuck.

The usual pushing and shoving didn't free us and so we recruited help from one of the other caravan owners who has a Range Rover. At that time we didn't really think much of it because we thought a little pull backwards and we would be free. That is when the problems started.

There is no way to pull the car backwards! Most cars I have ever seen in the UK have either a ring to which you can attach a rope or a removable panel in the bumper or bodywork revealing a threaded hole to which you screw in an eye. The Ampera has nothing.

Close inspection underneath showed that there was nothing solid enough to afix a rope and so I called Trevor at My Ampera.

After him investigating and calling me back the official line is that there is no way to tow the Ampera backwards at all! They recommended an AA callout at my cost. Humph!

Well, we found that unbelievable but it is true. There is no way to pull the car backwards without potentially causing some serious damage.

In the end we towed it forward 3 feet (that is all the room we had) using the screw in eye at the front and then with 5 people we pushed it back and at the third attempt we cleared the grass.

So, be warned... if it looks like you may ever get stuck anywhere make sure your recovery is forward.

BTW Trevor was great and was very helpful. Top marks.

20120719_102705.jpg by Paul Churchley, on Flickr
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