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After removing the license plate to move its position, underneath I found a ridiculous amount of holes on the bumper from the botched install of the plate holder at the dealership 7 years ago :). I went to a bodyshop and they told me that it would be around 400 euros to have it fixed and resprayed.


So I said f that I may as well try it myself first. If it turns out right, I've saved a bunch of money, if not, I can just hand it over to the bodyshop to do it the right way. Pics to follow:

1. First thing I did was rough sand around the holes with 180 grit, then started to mix the fiberglass bodyfiller

2. Applied the bodyfiller to the holes and made an absolute mess

3. Sanded back the fiberglass filler with 80, 180, 240, 2000, then wet sanded with 2500 for a super smooth finish.
4. First coat of white primer (did 3 coats in total)
5. Fully primed, its at this point I realize I'm going to have trouble blending this...
6. So I peeled back some more area and roughed up the surface, got it ready for base coat, the rectangle of primer was pretty funny not gonna lie
7. First basecoat, making sure not to go all the way to the edges as I want to blend the paint as best I can. (did 3 in total)
8. Then clear coat, in total I did 3 layers of clear.

Final result, for my first shot at actual bodywork and using rattle cans, I'm super happy with how it turned out. Really happy with the front of the car now :D

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Did you wet sand in between coats to get it to blend?
I just dry sanded the last coat of primer with 240 i think, very briefly

Nice bit of DIY body repair, have the Gardai bothered you yet with the number plate on the dashboard rather than displayed in the mandatory location?
S.I. No. 311/1982 - Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations, 1982
I have not been bothered at all thankfully. I made sure to check with a Garda first and he said as long as it is clearly visible from the front (which it is behind the scribbles) he doesn't see anyone taking issue with it. Said he'd be surprised if I was pulled over for it as it "happens all the time" that the plate holders are broken or hanging off. I do plan to move it over the grill area however, or perhaps go for a more square style one and mount it to the side of the bumper as to not hide the front of the car as I think it looks great when visible!

Although of course now that i've talked about it, I'm definitely getting pulled over tomorrow. 😅
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