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Positive review of the Kia Soul EV in today's Sunday times, but also a significant inaccuracy about the Ampera, which is very briefly mentioned at the end. Little inaccuracies irritate when there is already so much misinformation out there about EVs... I wrote an email just now:

" Dear Sir,

Good to read an informative and positive review of the new Kia EV from Giles Smith in today's Sunday Times.

However, right at the end, where it shows a summary of the Nissan Leaf and Vauxhall Ampera, it states the Ampera has a 'limp home' petrol engine to eliminate range anxiety. This statement couldn't be further from the truth with the Ampera!

I have owned an Ampera for two years, and the whole point of the car is that when it switches to petrol, it has a sensibly sized fuel tank (35l) and an engine which easily gives about 45-50mpg while in use, meaning you can drive as far as you would on petrol as in a conventional car, and at full performance.
It's quite possible, for example while away on holiday far from charge points, to drive the Ampera as a 'normal' petrol car with a range of around 300 miles.

Mike Ball"
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