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Switch to Pure Planet and both get £25 Amazon voucher! (Cheaper then Bulb + 100% Green Energy)

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I have just completed the switch from Bulb to Pure Planet as they are coming out cheaper for me (East Midlands anyways)! They don’t do a E7 tarif, just 11.2p KWh 24/7! I find this better then an E7 as then I can charge the EV anytime of day, pure convince!

My referral link is: Pure Planet - Refer a friend

Instead of a daily standing charge they do a monthly fee but still comes out cheaper then Bulb and any other Energy provider according to USwitch!

So far I have had great customer service with them and there mobile app is really easy to use! They are planning smart meter roll out for both Gas and electrics spring 2018.

Any questions about Pure Planet please ask!

Plus there 100% green Energy as a bonus!
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It is interesting you are picking up on the gas prices. This is a big deal for us, we have to keep the house very warm for our son due to his muscle issues. AFAIR Bulb is a good price. Just a few extra 0.1 pennies for gas and any benefit for electricity prices vanishes.

TBH, the overall price varies by very little between suppliers. The reason for switching is to keep them keen and not let the price drift, but IMHO the actual range of prices in the market at any one time is pretty insignificant between the best 10 or so rates. You just have to be aware not to get ripped off and you are only going to save a few £10s.
I'm now out of contract, so looking around for the best deals.
OVO and it is 28pence daily+17.78pence/kWh!
Outfox is 25pence daily +11.44pence/kWh.
Pure planet is 28pence daily + 12.5pence/kWh.

Has anyone switched to better deals? My last deal was a daily standing charge of 13pence+14pence/kWh, so I'm not keen with whats on offer. Annual usage is currently around 2500kWh.
I was on this, this week due to Bulb's prices going up.

The best deal I can find is electricity from Bulb [still] and gas from So Energy, which appeared last week with a bulb-killing price.

I don't know if you can sign up to Bulb electricity only, or if you have to join both and then move out once you are signed up, but if you do go for Bulb there is a very non-trivial £100 off you can get if you use my anniversary link in the next couple of days;


£100 make a big difference in these current times, the tarriffs are really all quite close together.

It seems that everyone in Bulb gets their referral value bumped up to £100 once a year (normally £50) for just a week so it is a time-dependent thing. I guess someone else will have a £100 referral next week, etc....
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