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Are you a hero or an asshole

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Tesla driver in "not being an asshole" shock

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I didn't see this linked anywhere else, if it is somewhere I will ask for thread to be deleted ..

I spotted this on another car forum I am on, some grumblings, whingeing and disbelief that Tesla driver (rich ass-hole) could display such hero-like behaviour. I am enjoying lurking in the thread with smugness, I obviously haven't told them I own one to avoid being branded a champagne environmentalist (is that a thing?)


PS I am trusting you guys to not blow my cover on MX-5 forum



EDIT : Pointless Poll added for no good reason and against my better judgement
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Sorry to go off on a tangent (great story by the way) but what shocked me is that apart from a can of white spray paint German helmet design has not advanced in 70 years :eek:

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They had a lot of old stock they had to use up...
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Helmets are called the "Fritz" style, honestly not kidding..
Yep, the term 'Fritz' is not offensive to Germans. My colleague has a 'Fritz' brand broadband router...I've not mentioned anything to him about it of course. :)
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