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Having sold my Model 3, I have the following stuff for sale. Please message me if you want something or have a question - strictly first come, first served:

Hansshow electric frunk kit, complete with kick sensor. Brand new, still in the box, I never got around to fitting it. Cost over £450, including VAT, import charges etc. £300, including UK postage

Bouge RV tailored outdoor cover for Model 3, including grill ventilation mesh so that it's safe to charge (not all covers have this) and a zipped charge port cover. I did a short review on this on the Tesla forum, here: Bouge RV cover The cover cost a bit over £90, is still in very good condition (no tears, snags or damage) and having cleaned and polished the car today, prior to it being collected, I can confirm that it hasn't caused the slightest bit of paint damage in around 6 months of winter use. It has kept the car clean, doesn't seem to cause condensation build up, and, most importantly for me, it's prevented the paintwork being damaged by marauding pheasants . . . I'll take £40 for it, including postage anywhere in the UK, or £30 if someone wants to collect it from down near the Wiltshire/Dorset border. It comes in it's own storage bag.

Taptes USB hub, complete with 500 Gb Samsung T5 USB SSD, in hidden stowage compartment. This is the pre-2021 facelift version of the Taptes hub, so will not fit the newer Model 3 that has Type C USB ports, it fits the Model 3 that has two Type A USB ports at the forward end of the centre console, under the phone storage area. The hub fits and looks like it's an OEM bit of kit, and hides the USB SSD completely. It has a single USB A inside the hidden SSD compartment, plus two additional USB A power outlets, a USB C connection and a USB A power and data connection on the front. The Samsung T5 500Gb SSD USB has used for about 2,500 miles of driving, so has only had a very modest number of write cycles. I had it divided into two drives, a 50Gb partition for storing music with the rest left available for use by the dash cam and Sentry Mode. I've never used Sentry Mode, other than to test to see if it worked OK. The new price of this USB SSD was about £100 and the new price of the Taptes USB hub was about £20. Price for both, including delivery within the UK, £55

Hiya. Do you still have any of this stuff for sale?


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